Founded by coffee whiz and connoisseur Brittany Weinstein,


Nova Coffee Company offers a medley of catering packages sure to make your event one to remember. From corporate events and open houses to wedding receptions and special celebrations, Nova Coffee serves up delicious, made-to-order coffee anywhere, anytime.

Brewed from her passion and robust knack for creating handcrafted java, Brittany’s mission for Nova is simple – bring people together over a stellar cup of coffee. Her coffee journey began at age 4 when she started drinking her grandmother’s special made pseudo cappuccinos, which mostly consisted of milk and sugar with a hint of espresso. By age 9, she'd moved on to genuine coffee and once in high school, she had her very own coffee maker.

These days, Brittany is spreading her love for coffee all across Texas. For the ultimate coffee drinking experience delivered straight to you, let Nova Coffee Company cater your next event.